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Monaco Boats For Sale Our Current Monaco Inventory Popular Monaco Models Why Buy Monaco? The Monaco series blends several premium upgrades with all the must have features for a luxury experience while skipping the luxury tax. Everything just feels right in a Monaco. With premium furniture, intuitive and innovate layouts and finished with a difference you can feel, it's easy to see how comfort comes first. The new Monaco series delivers a new level of comfort you not only feel, but also appreciate with smartly integrated features that enhance your experience. With Monaco, instantly recognize the difference. It's designed to define with intuitive automotive designs, large screen displays, purposeful layouts and hassle- free functionality. Experience the upgraded comfort and high demand features. Shop now! Request Info About Monaco Smooth Operator Meet the Monaco Cruise The Cruise model offers room for more with L-shaped seating, a standard table to gather with friends and an extended stern swim platform. A perfect combination of comfort, premium details and a build quality designed for generations into a boat that only looks expensive. The Monaco Cruise has [...]
Hurricane Boats For Sale Our Current Hurricane Inventory Popular Hurricane Models Why Buy Hurricane? Hurricane is as passionate about the boating experience as you are. Which is why Hurricane is obsessed in their unrelenting pursuit to continually improve upon their legendary deck boat design. It fuels Hurricane to design and build the most versatile and capable boats in the world. With Hurricane there's an exclusive wide beam design to provide you with more room for passengers and gear. There are no limits with a Hurricane boat that's ready to fish, cruise or play. Experience the exceptional quality, performance, versatility and value. Shop Now! Request Info About Hurricanes Every Day Action Hero Meet the SunDeck Sport From lazy to crazy days, Hurricane's SunDeck Sport has you covered with its versatility, capability and adventurous personality. The SunDeck's versatile design lets you choose when it's time to idle and gather with friends or accelerate and move onto the next adventure. Equipped with the convenient stern wash down system to quickly clean the swim deck platform, water toys, sandals and sandy feet. The SunDeck Sport features the 192 RL OB (18ft), 19 [...]
Boat anchor

Before you set out on the water, you need to know how to anchor your boat. We’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide to the anchoring basics you need to know.

What anchors do to secure your boat

Anchors keep your boat from drifting away with the current or wind. They’re usually made of metal, so we tend to think of them as being particularly heavy, but that’s not always the case, especially for recreational boats. Instead, anchors latch onto the bed of a river or lake with arms that dig into the sand or mud. After connecting with the bed, the anchor will tip over due to the tension created by the boat, and in doing so latch into the bottom of the body of water.

How to anchor a boat

Remember: anchor from the bow of your boat, not the stern. It’s possible to anchor from both the bow and the stern [...]

Mooring buoy

There are times when you’ll want to tie up your boat without docking or anchoring it. Luckily, you have one other option: mooring.

Where is it legal to tie up your boat when it’s not docked?

You can’t just tie up your boat anywhere. If you’re not docking it, you’ll need to find another safe and legal way to temporarily secure your boat. There’s only one other legal place to tie up your boat. 

Mooring Bouys

Mooring buoys are buoys whose sole purpose is for boats to tie to. Their appearance varies by locale, but they are often white with either an orange or blue stripe.

A Note About Bouys You CAN’T Tie To

It’s illegal to tie your boat to any other buoy, including lighted buoys, hazard buoys, and information buoys. These different types of buoys are in place for navigation purposes, directing boaters where they should and should not go. Tying your boat [...]

Dock cleat

One of the most important things you need to know before setting out on the water is how to securely tie your boat’s lines to dock cleats. Your boat is one of your prized possessions, and the last thing you want is it coming loose from the dock and drifting off on its own.

How to tie a boat…

To a dock

You can tie a boat to a dock by fastening your lines to either dock cleats or, if there aren’t any cleats, to pilings.

In a slip

In a slip, you’ll need to fasten your boat on both sides to keep it in place and stop it from hitting the docks or piles on either side of the slip.

Cleats & Hitches

What is a dock cleat?

So, what exactly are you tying your boat’s mooring line to? A dock cleat is a piece of hardware attached to a dock. The most common [...]

Yamaha Waverunners For Sale Our Current Yamaha Inventory Popular Yamaha Models Why Buy Yamaha? Yamaha Waverunners are the most reliable jet skis on the water. One of Yamaha's strongest features is their engines, they excel in performance and last forever. Yamaha's Waverunners are also very fuel-efficient saving you from pausing your fun for refueling. The unique ability to turn without acceleration makes them great for families. Yamaha's Ride technology makes them the safest models out there. Yamaha is the industry leader and gold standard for jet powered technology. Experience variety, innovation, safety and fun with Yamaha. Shop now! Request Info About Yamaha All-New and Value Packed Meet the VX Series The Yamaha VX Series has an all-new, redesigned lineup for a premium experience. Getting on after jumping in has never been easier with a convenient re-boarding step that tucks away when not in use. The Ride Throttle Control System allows you to switch from forward, neutral and reverse with pulling a throttle resulting in easier deceleration, reversing and docking. The VX Series features models that range in price, size and features. They include the C, VX, Delux [...]
Cobia Boats For Sale Our Current Cobia Inventory Popular Cobia Models Why Buy Cobia? Solid then. Exceptional now. Boating and fishing is made easier on Cobia. Through design, Cobia boats excel. Each model has a distinct goal to meet a unique set of peak performance criteria based on each specific model's designed usage. This means the user's needs and wants are put above all else with no room for compromises. With Cobia's naval architecture design you can enjoy peak running performance, comfort and efficiency. Experience more comfortable, productive and enjoyable days on the water with Cobia. Shop now! Request Info About Cobia Fish hard and play hard Meet the 220 The ride in the 220 is better than a lot of bigger boats thanks to the sharp forward entry, large bow flare and variable deadrise hull. Feel safe and secure no matter the chop with the 220's high sides and deep interior freeboard. Also equipped with an insulated fish box that drains overboard and under gunwale rod storage. The 220 is the most feature rich and big water ready 22 footer out there. Cobia's 220 is perfect for family, fishing and cruising. The 24 Dual Console You've Been Waiting Fo [...]
Godfrey Boats For Sale Our Current Godfrey Inventory Popular Godfrey Models Why Buy Godfrey? Enjoy premium, unmatched, luxury pontoons. Godfrey is in the frontline for originality with its impressive pontoons. The pontoons are built with enduring quality, superior craftsmanship and design to bring your family closer together. Godfrey is committed to world class quality for its boats as well as its quality time spent with others. With Godfrey there's intuitive design and uncompromising quality for new expectations. Experience style, comfort, quality, and performance. Request Info About Godfrey Designed to Define Meet the Monaco Series Designed with intuitive and innovative layouts for upgraded comfort and enhanced experienced. Find the finer side of life on the water in the Monaco, sit in the helm and see the difference. Inspired by automotive designs, the Monaco blends large screen display, purposeful layout, hassle-free functionality and a distinctive look. The Monaco Series features models that range from 19-25ft with the cruise, split bench, lounge, sundeck, and cruise & fishing models. Godfrey's Monaco boats are known for their high-comfort and [...]
Regal Boats For Sale Our Current Regal Inventory Popular Regal Models Why Buy Regal? Enjoy excellent customer service and standards with Regal. With the highest standard for quality and the obsession with satisfaction, you'll always be happy with Regal. The FasTract hull gives high performance rides with reduced drag for the best fuel economy. With Regal, feel at ease since this family owned company puts your family's safety as their top priority. Experience the quality, safety and fuel efficiency with Regal. Request Info About Regal Solid Performance and Fuel Efficiency Meet the 1900 The 1900 has the FasTrack Hull for more control, 26% faster speed, and up to 30% better fuel efficiency. With the transom walk-thru, boarding has never been easier and keeps your upholstery looking brand new. Enjoy easy swimming with Regals low to water swimming platforms. Socialize with friends and family easier with Regals bucket seats and social cockpit. The 1900 fits family's both large and small, this 19' boat has a seating capacity of 9. Regals 1900 provides great performance and even better fuel efficiency.  Flaw Free Maneuvering Meet the 2100 The 2100 is loade [...]
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