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Enjoy water sports, fishing, cruising, and more with Bayliner’s versatile design.

There are many reasons Bayliner has become a trusted name in the boating industry. Bayliners are built with top-quality materials, include ample storage space, and come with optional navigation electronics. Each of their models have been carefully paired with the best engine to enhance its performance and efficiency.

With Bayliner, you’ll get an affordable boat that’s made to last and comes with a best-in-class warranty. Their various models offer easy handling and cutting-edge fun, and were built for families to safely enjoy.

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Easy Handling For Effortless Fun

Meet the Element Series

Designed around Bayliner’s evolutionary M-Hull running surface, the Element Series combines open floorplans with familiar automotive-style handling and class-leading stability and safety features. Because they’re quicker to plane and easier to maneuver, Element deck boats put water sports, cruising, and fishing within reach. They deliver user-friendly comfort, storage, and performance at a stunningly affordable price.

The Element Series features models that range from lightweight and compact to large and spacious. They include the E15 (15ft), the E16 (16ft), the E18 (18ft), the E21 (21ft), and the XR7 (26ft).

Bayliner’s Element deck boats are known for their stability, low-maintenance, predictable handling, comfort, and versatility.

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Highly Evolved Bowriders

Meet the VR Series

Cleverly designed to offer the interior space of boats up to two feet longer, the VR Series combines performance, features, and comfort. Their
BeamForward™ design carries the full beam further forward, increasing comfort and capacity versus traditional pointed bows. Bayliner also increases cockpit room with their AftAdvantage™ design that shifts the seating to the aft-most point of the running surface, with the swim platform extending beyond that. This creates more usable space and keeps your family comfortable all day.

The VR Series bowriders includes the VR4 (18ft), the VR5 (20ft), and the VR6 (22ft). Each model is available with either outboard or sterndrive power.

Bayliner’s VR bowriders are popular because of their spacious and comfortable seating, ample storage, integrated swim platforms, and customizable options for water sports or fishing.


What's the difference in the Bayliner Element, VR Series, BR series, Trophy and more?

Great question! There are quite a few differences but here’s an overview.

  • Elements are deck boats, meaning they have an open pontoon-like floorplan. A great entry-level boat for water sports, cruising, fishing and more.
  • The BR Series are the classic bowrider boat. They are versatile boats that can handle any type of boating you want.
  • The VR Series are the newest bowriders from Bayliner. They’re the next evolution of the class bowrider offering more room, better performance, increased comfort and more space.
  • The Trophy Series is back. It’s made for fisherman as it has a center console so you can walk around and cast from anywhere. They are extremely stable and nimble at the same time.

What lengths do Bayliners come in?

At Woodard Marine, we can order you any Bayliner on the planet; however, we mostly stock Bayliners that range from 16′ to 24′.

Where can I get a 2021 Bayliner catalog?

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Do you offer financing?

100%! We are happy to help you secure financing, At Woodard Marine, we have multiple financing options that will help you get the best rate. Email us at [email protected] to learn more.

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