College Save Program

Send Your Child To College with Woodard Marine.


Save thousands on tuition at over 370 colleges with guaranteed scholarships for your kids, grandkids, stepkids, nieces, nephews or any child in your family. Godchildren qualify too!

It’s simple. When you buy a qualifying boat at Woodard Marine, you are entitled to a free CollegeSave membership. This membership features information and benefits designed to help you afford the cost of a college education. There is no cost to you.

Collegesave from woodard marine

How is this possible?

CollegeSave is dedicated to educating and informing families how to save money and reduce the rising cost of college tuition.

The colleges cover 100% of the cost of the tuition discounts, making it possible for our dealership to offer you this valuable benefit at no additional cost to you.


  • Personal College Savings Roadmap®

  • Access to Our Panel of Experts

  • Homework Helplines to Help Kids Get Good Grades

  • Opportunities to Earn Additional FREE Tuition Discount Benefits


Watch this video and check out our FAQs of the most commonly asked questions below. If you have any questions at all, contact us or send us a question in the form below. We will get back to you with an answer asap.

We are proud to announce that Woodard Marine is the only boat dealer in the United States offering this program!



  • Buy Your Dream Boat (qualifying) from Woodard Marine

  • Assign a Child for The Tuition Discounts Benefit

  • A CollegeSave Account is Set Up For Your Family
  • You Will Instantly Earn 1,000 College Rewards Points ($1,000 value)
  • Each Month You Will Receive a E-Newsletter Filled With College Savings Tips
  • Open the E-Newsletter
  • Earn an additional 250 points worth $250 in tuition discounts in your family account (each month for each newsletter opened)
  • Refer Friends to Woodard Marine & Earn $25 of Tuition discounts per Referral (no purchase necessary- earn up to $100 worth of additional tuition savings for referrals each month)
  • Multiple family members can buy a boat, receive a membership, and name the same child as the recipient of the tuition discounts, enabling more tuition savings more rapidly
  • Child Applies to Participating College
  • Your family can save up to $10,000 worth of tuition discounts with each CollegeSave membership. Students get automatic savings off tuition in 4 equal installments during the 4 years of college.

If you do nothing else than buy a boat and open an E-Newsletter each month for the 3-year program, you will earn $10,000 in Tuition Discounts for your children.


College Roadmap

We’ll create a personal “roadmap” for your family’s college savings!

It’s a challenge for most families to save all they need to cover soaring college costs. That’s why we’ve arranged to create a unique Personal College Savings Roadmap® for your family!

Panel of Experts

Our CollegeSave experts will answer your questions via email within 72 hours – another service for members! Saving for college is challenging. Finding a school that really is the right “fit” for your child is like trying to solve a puzzle without having access to all the pieces. Once you figure out where your student should apply, how do you get a “yes” from the college of their choice? And what about younger kids – what can you do now to help them to learn, to think, and to earn the grades they’ll need for a college acceptance?

Earn Tuition Discount Points

1000 Initial Tuition Discount Points and Earn 250 More Points Every Month.

Just opt-in at enrollment and we’ll immediately give you 1000 Tuition Discount Points, valid for $1000 in tuition savings at over 370 colleges and universities in 45 states across the United States!

We’ll immediately open a personal tuition discount account for your family and deposit 1000 Tuition Discount points – worth $1000 in tuition savings!

A Smart-Savings Monthly E-Newsletter

Members receive our CollegeSave Smart-Savings e-newsletter every month as another FREE benefit of membership. Every issue is a money-saving solution – chock full of practical tips every family can use to squeeze more savings out of an already tight family budget.

Program Statistics

Year History
Million Submitted for Savings in 2016
Million Families Helped
Verified Program


What are Tuition Discounts?

Tuition Discounts is a unique customer and employees rewards program. At Woodard Marine, you earn Tuition Discount Points that can reduce tuition costs by $10,000.

The savings is spread out over four years at a participating institution. For example, if you earned $10,000, the member would get a $2,500 discount off tuition during each year of college enrollment.

  1. Freshman Year = $2,500
  2. Sophomore Year = $2,500
  3. Junior Year = $2,500
  4. Senior Year = $2,500

What is Considered a "Qualified" Boat?

Great news. You can virtually buy almost any boat that Woodard Marine has in stock and it will qualify. The boats that do not qualify are jon boats and select used boats. Every boat is clearly labeled whether it qualifies or not.

Who Provides the Tuition Discount Benefit?

Woodard Marine has partnered with CollegeSave which has contracted with one of the largest networks of private colleges to provide the Tuition Discount benefit for CollegeSave member families. The network has contracted with over 370 colleges and universities across the U.S. to honor tuition discounts.

Is This For Real?

The tuition discounts have passed legal scrutiny from multiple state treasury departments, banks, credit unions, mutual fund companies and insurance carriers.

So, yes, it’s for real!

How Much Does It Cost?

Membership is provided free to our customers who buy a qualifying boat.

How Long Has This Program Been Around?

For Woodard Marine, it’s brand new for 2017. The scholarship platform that provides the Tuition Discount benefit for member families has been around for almost 20+ years.

Over 4 million families have been served by the scholarship program since its inception. In 2016 alone, students submitted $74.6 million in tuition discounts for redemption at participating colleges.

How Long Is My Membership Valid?

Your tuition discount will not expire; they are yours to keep until you use them, as long as you follow the program rules listed in Membership Terms and Conditions in our membership portal. Your student has until three years after high school graduation to use the discounts.

Any unused rewards can be re-assigned to another student in your extended family.

Are the 370 Schools "Good" Schools?

Yes! 80% of the colleges are on the U.S. News & World Report list of America’s Best Colleges.

What Colleges Are In The Program?

Participating Local Schools

Full list available at Woodard Marine



  • Green Mountain College
  • Norwich University
  • Saint Michael’s College
  • Southern Vermont College


New York

  • Union College
  • Russell Sage College
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
  • St. Lawrence University
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Clarkson University
  • Elmira College
  • Much More in NY


New Hampshire

  • Colby-Sawyer College
  • The New England College


Students must be admitted to one of the participating colleges on standard admission criteria. Students use the tuition discounts for savings off full tuition in 4 equal installments from freshman to senior year of college. The tuition savings benefit is provided as a discount off tuition by each college; schools sign contracts with the program‘s college network administrator to honor the tuition discount (it is never paid in cash to a participating student or family). All students in the member’s extended family are eligible, from birth to the beginning of the junior year of high school; members can name their child, stepchild, niece, nephew, cousin, godchild or grandchild as a beneficiary of the tuition discounts. There is no requirement for students to select a college they will attend in advance. The Tuition Discount points represent a guaranteed minimum scholarship that can be combined with other aid offered by the participating college. Additional requirements, including deadlines for registering students in the program and procedures for redemption of tuition discounts are provided in the CollegeSave Membership Terms and Conditions on the program membership portal.

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