COVID-19 Protocol

Woodard Marine COVID-19 Customer Service Policy
Effective Immediately Through June 15, 2020.

A message from the Woodard family:

We would like to thank all of our customers, vendors, and amazing team for their dedication and understanding during these past few weeks. As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, here at Woodard Marine, we are changing protocols hourly to keep our staff, you as our customers, and vendors safe and healthy. As a team, we are doing all we can to help reduce the spread of this virus. At this time, our staff is 100% healthy and not been in contact with any patients who have tested positive or are on watch, and we are working as a team to keep ourselves healthy and out of harm’s way.

As we move forward in these next weeks, Woodard Marine is dedicated to staying fully open for our staff and for you, our customers. HOWEVER, we have limited any access for the public or vendors into our facilities. At this time, we are not allowing anyone to enter our facilities unless they are a Woodard Marine team member. We are offering part orders through curbside pickup, service appointments with drop off availability, and sales viewings with outside appointments. We are here for you!

During this time, we are working extra hard to get your boats ready for the season with servicing, ordering parts, detailing, or showing you the new product models. We have implemented digital communication and meetings through virtual hubs. We have initiated social distancing within our buildings and are not allowing team members to enter more than one building during this protocol change.

We are looking forward to an amazing spring on the water. We are looking forward to warmer days ahead. We are looking forward to shaking hands and giving hugs soon.

Our ship may be parked at the dock for now, but once this storm passes, we are headed back out to open water with our entire crew on board ready for the best 2020.

Thank you from the entire Woodard Marine team and Family,
Lauren and Eric Woodard-Splatt, Greg Woodard, Kim Woodard, Bob, and Barb Woodard

Service Department Customer Service Protocol

The service department is open Monday , Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday 9am -5pm, closed on Wednesday and Sunday. 

Our service team is actively taking service appointments and launch requests through telephone, email, fax, and/or any form of digital communication.   Sorry, no customers will be admitted into Woodard Marine buildings.   We have staff members that are immunocompromised or staff with family members that are. Please contact Amber in our service department via email at or 802-265-3690 ext 206 to set up your appointment today.  Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to getting you on the water for the 2020 season.

Boat Sales & Waterfront Sales Department Customer Service Protocol

The sales department is open Monday through Saturday 8am – 5pm, closed on Sunday. 

Our sales team is actively taking appointments (including outdoor viewing appointments) and trade evaluations through telephone, email, video chat, USPS mail, and/or any form of digital communication.  We are offering Curbside deliver services, during this process face protection is required when on site. Face protection will be provided if needed.   

Sorry no customers will be admitted into Woodard Marine buildings at this time.   We have staff that are immunocompromised or staff with family members that are.  Please contact our amazing sales department Greg and Kim today in our sales department via email at 802-265-3690.  Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to getting you on the water for the 2020 season. 

Parts And Accessories Department Customer Service Protocol

The Parts and Accessories department is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,  Friday, Saturday, 8am – 5pm, and closed Thursday and Sunday. 

Our parts team is actively taking parts calls through telephone, email, fax, and/or any form of digital communication and offering curbside pickup for orders as well.   Sorry, no customers will be admitted into Woodard Marine buildings.   We have staff that are immunocompromised or staff with family members that are. Please contact Jeff in our parts department via email at or 802-265-3690 ext 204.  Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to getting you on the water for the 2020 season. 

Billing And Accounting & Dock Slip Rental Department Customer Service Protocol

The billing and accounting department is open Monday through Wednesday from 8am – 5pm, and closed Thursday through Sunday. 

Our accounting team is actively taking calls through telephone, email, and/or any form of digital communication and offering all documentation to be received via email, fax, or USPS.   Sorry, no customers will be admitted into Woodard Marine buildings.   We have staff that are immunocompromised or staff with family members that are. Please contact Kathy in our accounting department via email at or 802-265-3690, ext 211, Dana in our receivables department and dock slip rental at or 802-265-3690 ext 207.  Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to getting you on the water for the 2020 season.

Shipping And Receivables Department Customer Service Protocol

We are taking deliveries Monday through Friday 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 4pm

All UPS and FedEx shipments will be accepted in our drop box located at 615 creek road (on the north side of the building).   All Freight deliveries must call in advance to set up drop off time and appointment to Jeff at 802-265-3690 ext 204.

All vendors are asked to set up an appointment via phone.

Face protection will be required for all outdoor vendors on site, and not admittance into our facilities are allowed at this time.  Face protection will be provided if needed.

COVID-19 protocols for dock slip holders


THESE protocols WILL BE STRICTLY MONITORED and ENFORCED.  Please understand, if we have one reported incident, it could ruin the boating season for all boaters, including your family.

Woodard Marine would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during these recent weeks and weeks to come.  Currently, we are working remotely in all departments that are available for a remote office.  For our team that is working within our facility, we are not allowing any in-person contact inside or outside our facilities.

What Does This Mean for You? – If you see any of our team members or owners in the yard, please DO NOT APPROACH, as we are not allowing in-person conversations or contact, to ensure safety for everyone on Woodard Marine properties.   Please note that we look forward to a good hand shake soon, however, for now, we will wave and say “Hi.”  Again, please try to limit conversations, and we are happy to chat on the phone anytime. 

We know that there are different circumstances, however Woodard Marine will be following the protocols directly and will not be able to make any exceptions at any time.  Unfortunately, if a slip holder is not able to adhere to all of Woodard Marine and state guidelines, your dock slip contract for the 2020 season may be in jeopardy.  Please follow the rules and this will make our already stressful lives less stressful. 

Parking Passes

We will be certified MAILING you 2 parking passes to hang inside your vehicle while parking at Woodard Marine for your dock slip.  These are assigned to your dock slip and are similar to a handicap placard you would hang on your rear-view mirror.  The Woodard Marine dock parking areas will be marked for dock slip pass holders only.  You should receive these mailed passes by the end of this week or early next week.  ****AT THIS TIME ABSOLUTELY NO MORE THAN 2 CARS WILL BE PERMITTED TO PARK ON WOODARD MARINE PARKING AREAS THIS SEASON, AND ALL CARS WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE A PASS DISPLAYED.  DURING THIS SEASON, WE ARE NOT ABLE TO OFFER TEMPORARY PASSES FOR ADDITIONAL VEHICLES.**** Although we would normally have you stop in to pick up your passes, we are restricting any public access into our buildings, so keep an eye out on your mail.

 Accessing Your Dock – Follow Vermont’s “arrive, play and leave” concept (20 minutes max on docks)

Feel free to access your dock at your convenience.  However, with COVID protocols in mind, please do not approach the dock if you must pass a person on the dock system, and please allow that person to exit the system or board their boat before passing.  Please always allow 6 feet of distancing while on the dock or Woodard Marine property. There is strict no overnight sleeping on your boat per the state’s orders. 


While on the dock, GO DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOCK SLIP.  No one is to wander the dock system or allow unattended children or pets beyond the direct path to your rented dock slip.   

Turn Over 

From the time of parking your vehicle to loading/unloading your boat, no more than 20 minutes will be allowed on site.  Please refrain from cleaning or organizing boats while tied to your dock slip, especially if this will take longer than 20 minutes.  You must untie and depart the dock system by at least 250 feet to be considered clear of the 20-minute time frame.  Loading and unloading from the dock slip or return from the dock slip back to your vehicle, is to be under these same 20 minutes restrictions. “arrive, play and leave”

 Launching Your Boat

Our launch ramp is closed for public for the season until further notice.  Please use the state launch ramp located at the Edward Kehoe access area on Creek Road. We are also not able to offer a launching service for you with same day appointments as there is a 72-hour holding period prior to launching within our service department.  

Fuel Dock

Currently the fuel dock is open by appointment only or call ahead for approval to approach.  During this time, please call 802-265-3690 and we will meet you with a full-service attendant at that time.  Our fuel dock hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday and Saturday 9:00 – 12:00 and 1:00 -4:00.  The fuel dock is CLOSED on Thursday and Sunday through June 15, 2020.  Credit card only payments will be accepted on the fuel dock or call ahead to set up a house charge account with credit card on file. 


There are no public restrooms or portable restrooms available currently. 

Our Buildings Are Closed to the Public

During the COVID-19 Stay Home Order – We are happy to help and assist in any way possible.  Just call us any time at 802-265-3690 or email  We will send an update when our buildings are open to the public. This will be subject to change sooner than June 28, 2020. 

Parts and Accessories

We offer curbside pick-up for pre-purchased parts and accessories.  Please call or email or visit our website at for our online parts and accessories catalog. 


 Before departing your dock space for boating, please email and give us your name and the number of people boating with you that day, along with a text or email to communicate with you if needed.  This will allow us to communicate with you, should there be an incidence of contact on our property with an infected individual.  This will also help us communicate any emergencies that may be occurring on the water that day. 

State Orders for Non-Vermont Residents & Out-of-State Travel – 

Seasonal or second homeowners who have other options are encouraged to remain in their primary homes, but the Executive Order does not prevent them from going to their seasonal home or RV.  For those traveling to Vermont from out-of-state, a 14-day quarantine is mandatory upon arrival and campers must comply with all elements of Addendum 7.  The Governor’s order requires that anyone coming into Vermont from out of state for any non-essential purpose must be quarantined for 14 days in Vermont state before adventuring out for any activities, including grocery shopping, Recreation or utilizing your boat.  More information about the residents or non-residents coming into Vermont and the required quarantine can be found here: This is regardless of what practices they have taken in their home states, so they should be quarantining for 14 days upon coming into Vermont. If you are a non Vermont resident, and have completed your quarantine inside of Vermont for 14 days, you must fill this form out and file with Woodard Marine before accessing your boat,

Face Protection 

It is recommended by the State of Vermont to wear a face mask while in the public.  We ask that you wear a mask or face protection that is approved by the CDC while on all Woodard Marine property or dock systems. Please respect our staff for wearing face protection during these times. 

Thank you for reading this through and we look forward to saying hi in person soon!

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