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Enjoy excellent customer service and standards with Regal.

With the highest standard for quality and the obsession with satisfaction, you’ll always be happy with Regal. The FasTract hull gives high performance rides with reduced drag for the best fuel economy.

With Regal, feel at ease since this family owned company puts your family’s safety as their top priority.

Experience the quality, safety and fuel efficiency with Regal.

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Solid Performance and Fuel Efficiency

Meet the 1900

The 1900 has the FasTrack Hull for more control, 26% faster speed, and up to 30% better fuel efficiency. With the transom walk-thru, boarding has never been easier and keeps your upholstery looking brand new. Enjoy easy swimming with Regals low to water swimming platforms. Socialize with friends and family easier with Regals bucket seats and social cockpit.

The 1900 fits family’s both large and small, this 19′ boat has a seating capacity of 9.

Regals 1900 provides great performance and even better fuel efficiency. 

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Flaw Free Maneuvering

Meet the 2100

The 2100 is loaded with standard features including the power tower, fusion audio system, and the iconic Regal boot stripe. Feel safe aboard with the fire suppression system thats been standardized with Regal. The Volvo Penta engine can get you to 30mph in just under 7 seconds. Also equipped with the FasTrac Hull for efficiency, sporty handling, and flaw-free maneuvering even at high speeds.

The 2100 has a seating capacity of 10 at a length of 21′.

Regal’s 2100 is the perfect watersports hybrid to enjoy a day of family fun. 

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