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Why Buy Supra?

Experience a Tradition of Towboat Excellence

Supra has become one of the leading luxury boat brands through its premier technology, bold designs and precision engineering. The meticulous designing efforts has luxury as a top priority. The philosophy with Supra is you get out what you put in which is why Supra gives you their very best.

With Supra, experience innovation, high-quality towboats, industry-leading satisfaction, and a premium customer experience.

Experience Superiority with Supra.

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For Those Who Dream Big

Meet the SE Series

The SE is the largest Supra boat and sets the bar for what a towboat should be. Supra’s SE is the benchmark for towboat performance and luxury. With a massive ballast 4,100lbs, you can expect pro-level wakes and waves. Another standard is the Supra Swell Surf with AutoWake that delivers tall waves with long pockets and optimal push for consistency on both sides. The game changing AutoWake throws the ideal wake or wave every time.

The SE Series is available with the SE standard Raptor 450 or the Raptor 575 Ford 6.2L by Indmar engine. With a length of 24″ the SE has a seating capacity of 18.

Experience the world class performance, unrivaled comfort, and head turning style with the Supra SE.

Supra sl

Inner Strength, Outer Beauty

Meet the SL Series

The Supra SL is ready to leave an impression with its huge wakes and surf performance. This leading-edge performance towboat throws massive waves and huge sessions. With its Mega Velocity Ballast System, the SL provides you with 3,500lbs of Ballast and pro-level wakes and waves. Equipped with the Supra Swell Surf with AutoWake, you can always expect tall waves with long pockets for the ideal wake or wave. Control lighting, music, heaters, and more with the Vision Control System with a total of three advanced touch screen displays.

The Supra SL has three different options for engines, the Raptor by Indmar 400, 450 and 575. The 16 valve V8 engine has class leading fuel efficiency and low emissions. Supra’s SL is 23′ with a seating capacity of 17.

Supra’s SL will leave an impression with its performance- it delivers, and then some.

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