Wake Responsibly

Wake Responsibly

Woodard Marine is proud to be a member of the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA). We are committed to ensuring everyone has a great time and a safe time on the water.

What is the WSIA and why is it important? Please watch their video.

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Remember, you are responsible for your own wake.

We want customers to take the test and then take a photo of their certification and post on Facebook or IG, and email a copy of the certificate to [email protected] or show up in person with a certificate to Woodard marine (see Marie) and they will receive a certification sticker for their boat along with a $25 gift card to the Woodard Marine ProShop per certified person with matching certificate (so a family of 4 could earn $100)

Take the test


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Wake Safety

The driver must always be aware of the speed limit and any signs throughout the water. Stick to the speed limit, it’s there for a reason. Whether you’re a rider or boat operator, you need to be courteous to everyone around you. Give everyone enough space.

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Ride Safely

It is important to always wear a life jacket when participating in water sports. Hitting the water at high speeds can knock you unconscious or dizzy so it is crucial to wear a life jacket to get your bearings and save your life.

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