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Why buy a Godfrey?

Godfrey is in the frontline for originality with its impressive pontoons. The pontoons are built with enduring quality, superior craftsmanship and design to bring your family closer together. Godfrey is committed to world class quality for its boats as well as its quality time spent with others. With Godfrey there's intuitive design and uncompromising quality for new expectations. Experience style, comfort, quality, and performance.

Designed to Define

Meet the Monaco Series. Designed with intuitive and innovative layouts for upgraded comfort and enhanced experienced. Find the finer side of life on the water in the Monaco, sit in the helm and see the difference. Inspired by automotive designs, the Monaco blends large screen display, purposeful layout, hassle-free functionality and a distinctive look. The Monaco Series features models that range from 19-25ft with the cruise, split bench, lounge, sundeck, and cruise & fishing models. Godfrey's Monaco boats are known for their high-comfort and integrated high-demand features.

Action Packed, Affordable Pontoon

Meet the Sweetwater Series. On the Sweeetwater, you get all the high quality features and alluring amenities you'd expect in an expensive boat, for an affordable cost. There's no need to spend a fortune on a boat when the Sweetwater is an option. It combines enduring quality, attractive amenities, and Godfreys most wanted features. Including a large array of floor plans, there's an option to fit everyone's needs with intuitive designs and unmatched versatility. The Sweetwater ranges in sizes from 16ft to 24ft with the Xperience, Cruise, Cruise & Fishing, Traditional Fishing, Split Bench, Lounge, and Entertainment models. Godfreys Sweetwater Series is popular because of the life-changing experience at a fantastic value.

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