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Manufacturer Promotions

Unlike many dealers, we combines manufacturer (OEM) promotions with internal sale pricing for you.
Combine these great manufacturer promotions with our In-Stock sales.
Get the maximum discount possible and let’s get on the water knowing you’ve made the best investment for your budget.


These promotions can change weekly, be sure you’ll be the first who know about our current promotions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions to save you a Google search.

Are manufacturer specials and rebates included on the sales price?

Possibly. Typically all manufacturer discounts are included in the in-stock boat and motor sales price. There are instances where we wouldn't have access to rebates but that is very rare. Your best bet is to contact us and confirm. However, if it’s listed on this page, you can count on that being part of the sales price.

Do manufacturer specials change often?

Yes. Every month we typically find out on the 1st of the month. Unfortunately, the manufacturers do not share this with anyone in the industry until the release date, so please check back often. You can always sign up for email updates by using the form above

Are there manufacturer specials every month?

No. We typically see rebates during the first few months of the year. Occasionally, the manufacturer will surprise us with a deal later in the year. We’re happy to inform you when they come in. If you are interested, please sign up for the automatic email updates above.
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