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Watersports Pro Shop

Woodard Marine has the latest and greatest in watersking, tubing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing equipment, clothing and more. We also install custom wakeboard towers and water-ski booms!

Experience Boating in style

Woodard Marine is passionate about getting you out on the water with the best and proper watersports equipment.


Woodard Marine has been selling & servicing wakeboarding ever since it was called “skurfing”! This has been the fastest growing watersport in the last 20 years. Now board technology has grown to astounding levels providing many different skill levels of boards for men, women and children. Woodard Marine has a professionally trained sales staff that will fit you with the right board for your size & skill level.


Waterskiing is the one of the oldest and best water sports around. Woodard Marine carries O’Brien skis. Whether you’re into slalom or combo skiing, Woodard Marine can hook you up with the right package. Our slalom expert, Eric Splatt, will be able to help you pick the correct size & shape for your riding ability. Plus, he’s a nasty rider so he will be able to give you some basic pointers that will get you riding like him!


Wakesurfing is the fastest growing water sport on the planet. Board tech has been evolving exponentially ever since the first official board was designed. Woodard Marine stocks the latest boards designed by industry leaders such as O’Brien. We also carry numerous surf shapes to compliment your surf style. Check out this amazing, no impact, wake sport!


Stand Up Paddleboarding is the hottest new water sport fad. It’s great exercise plus it’s a great way to explore the beauty of any body of water at your own pace. Once you try paddling, you will fall in love with this amazing sport. Woodard carries boards for the beginner and the most advanced rider. If you are not ready to purchase, try renting one from us for the day.


Are you ready to skate on the water? This water sport combines the thrill of wakeboarding with the flow of surfing. Woodard stocks a myriad of wakeskaters and will help you find the perfect board for you. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Woodard is stocked and ready for you. If you are ready to shred the water, give wakeskating a try. Need a lesson? Check out Splatt’s Ski School!

Towable Tubes

Tubing is one of the oldest water sports that surpasses generations but you won’t believe how innovative this pastime has become. Woodard carries everything from the traditional solo rider tube to an assortment of extreme tubes that can hold up to five riders. This year ‘trick’ tubes have been introduced, so if you want to elevate your game check out these bad boys.

Boating Parts & Accessories

Woodard Marine has one of the largest Accessory “Ship Stores” in Vermont.
We inventory the latest in marine technology and products from marine electronics, cleaning supplies, safety equipment, fishing equipment, fiberglass and paint supplies, hardware, trailering supplies, dock accessories, and mooring products. We also have some great novelty items such as grills, tables, chairs, sunglasses and more.
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Watersports equipment Rentals

Not ready yet to buy a board or pair of of waterskis for yourself?

You can rent a package for the day to test your inner athlete. Woodard Marine is passionate about getting you out on the water with the proper equipment!

Our Pro-Shop is stocked with the best from Ronix, O’Brien, Sportstuff Watersports and Doyle. Our staff is trained from the industry leaders yearly to help you. We also have our very own in house wakeboard and slalom expert Eric Splatt on hand. He has many years experience as a competitor in the Slalom Competition circuit and also trained with the pro’s to learn his sick wakeboarding moves!