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2023 Moomba Craz

2023 Ford Raptor by Indmar 6.2L 400 HP MPI
2023 Boatmate Tandem Spring Axle w/ Tandem Disc Brakes
Mint Metal Flake w/ White

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Why buy a Moomba?

With Moomba, enjoy a boat that's loaded with standard features and fully customizable. There are more standards than options. Moomba makes the most reliable, trusted, highest performing towboats in their class. Their Ford Raptor by Indmar engines  feature tow-focused torque, best in class horsepower, great fuel efficiency and unbeatable reliability. Moomba's patented wake and surf systems focuses on the waves so you can focus on driving. Every feature was designed to put you at ease with every fit and finish at the top of its class. With Moomba you experience exceptional standards and unrivaled technology. You wont find intuitive and effortless features anywhere else. Experience proven performance, unmatched control, and a new level of comfort.

All Star Classic

Meet the Craz. The Craz encapsulates the Moomba personality and performance. It's the perfect size and fully capable of all wake sport activities. You never need to worry about slipping on the Craz with its easy to clean, non-skid gatorstep deck package for the ideal interior management. Equipped with Moomba's industry exclusive AutoWake Multi-Sensor Technology,  wake-shaping Moomba SmartPlate and the Flow 2.0 and 3.0 Surf Systems giving you the consistent, epic waves for the perfect shred session. The Craz features the 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar engine to provide plenty of kick. Perfect for up to 16 people with a length of 22'. Moomba's Craz is known for its classic Moomba style combined with the modern performance standard.

Pretty and Powerful

Meet the Kaiyen. The Kaiyen is always ready to perform no matter if you're skiing, boarding, surfing or just relaxing. Moomba's Kaiyen pulls 3,700 lbs of ballast so the Kaiyen is punching well above its weight class. The Kaiyen also has the GatorStep deck package for a non-skid, easy to clean interior. Equipped with a 7in touchscreen display with one touch toggling between home, control, AutoWake, and Navigation. Next to the display you can find a convenient wireless phone charging pad. AutoWake with Multi-Sensor Technology features five patented systems that work together to continuously and automatically manage your hull position and perfect, consistent wake for every rider. The Kaiyen is extremely versatile because of its size (21'5") with a seating capacity of 15 people. Moomba's Kaiyen delivers serious ballast, versatility, and unmatched standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why buy a Moomba?

Moomba boats provide customers with an extremely high quality boat for a very good price. It's hard to find a boat at this level of quality for this price. Not only do they make a great wake boat but they can also be a good all around boat.

Can I customize my Moomba?

Absolutely! Here at Woodard, we can help you help you through the whole process of customizing your boat and order it for you. Contact our team with any questions you have about ordering a custom boat or to start the process.
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