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Boating emergencies


Boat Safety Isn’t Something to Joke About.


When it comes to safety, preventing boating emergencies has to be one of the most critical elements of your time on the water. Remembering sunscreen, fueling up and making sure your motor is maintained are all important, but if you find yourself in an emergency and don’t take the appropriate action, there may be a serious injury or even fatality.

Here are five common boating emergencies and some tips on how to prevent them:



The thought of your boat colliding with another vessel or a floating object on the open water is distressing. It’s crucial for every boat operator to take their role seriously, and to take the precautions necessary to [...]

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Boat safety for your children

With Spring here, it’s almost time to take your boat out on the open water and enjoy the rising temperatures and the waterside breeze. If you have young children, you’re probably hoping to be able to take them out on the boat in 2016 so that they too can enjoy an exciting open water experience. To prepare for this process, you can now begin to teach your children about the importance of boat safety. In this post, we’ll present five tips for teaching children boat safety this spring.



When taking your children out on the water, it’s imperative to begin each voyage with information on boat safety. As part of this process, you can remind children [...]

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