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Calling all boat enthusiasts! Woodard Marine is thrilled to unveil a limited-time offer on our latest shipment of loose boat trailers. Whether you have a fishing boat, a bowrider, or a pontoon, we’ve got you covered with trailers designed for boat types spanning from 18 to 25 feet. Time is of the essence – don’t miss out on substantial savings that could keep your wallet afloat. Act swiftly to secure your dream trailer and sail away with the deal of a lifetime!

Curious if your boat will find its perfect match for any of the trailers listed below? Complete the form now to dive into the details and discover the perfect trailer fit. Your aquatic adventure awaits with Woodard Marine!

2022TOON 2 TUBEShorehaven18-20ft toon with 60 hp or less$3,450
2022TOON 2 TUBEShorehaven18-20ft toon with 60 hp or less$3,450
2022RUNABOUTVenture18-19ft boat 3000 # capacity$3,995
2023RUNABOUTVenture18-19ft boat 3000 # capacity$3,995
2023RUNABOUTVenture19-21ft boat 3500 # capcity$4,750
2023PWC DUALYachtClub$3,200
2023TOON 3 TUBEYachtClub23-24 FT TT KIT AND RAILING TOON$6,700
2023TOON 3 TUBEYachtClub24-25 FT TT KIT AND RAILING TOON$7,200
2022FISHINGKaravan16-18ft Fishing boat$3,300

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Trailers SOTW (#43)

When you bought your boat, did you walk into your store (hopefully Woodard Marine) and point at the one you thought looked cool and say, “I’ll take that one?”  Of course not. Or maybe you did and regretted it later.  The point being, you took time, researched, and found the one that best suited you, your needs, and your situation — right? Right. So, what we’re going to do today is educate you on: 

  1. The different types of trailers
  2. What to look for in a boat trailer
  3. And then answer some frequently asked questions
boat on trailer in grass

Let’s get things going, shall we? First —

Types of trailers

Despite what you may think, all boat trailers are not created equally.  Each one is for a specific size, with particular intentions, for certain types of water.  The four most common types of trailers are: 

Allow us to break down each for you–

Bunk Trailer

Bunk Trailers are probably the simplest of all the trailers. Deriving its name from the felt-like boards (bunks) used to protect the keel — the bunk trailer is commonly used to tow boats no greater than 20 feet in length. 

The advantage to a bunk trailer is its aforementioned simplicity. Because of this, it’s relatively affordable and has fewer moving parts equating to less lifetime maintenance. 

A major con is the depth that the trailer must be submerged in order to load and unload the boat. Not only will this cause wear and tear to your trailer’s axle, brakes, hubs, and springs — it will restrict locations you’ll be able to launch your boat. 

Roller Trailer

If you’re looking for ease and the ability to launch your boat on a small ramp or low tide — the roller trailer may be the right fit for you. A roller trailer is composed of cylindrical rollers allowing the boat to be rolled onto the trailer as the trailer enters the ramp or is backed in the water.  

The pros to a roller trailer are not only the convenience of use. Because the trailer doesn’t have to go deep into the water, it will limit the lifetime wear and tear on components like your axle, brakes, hubs, and springs. 

Unfortunately though, with ease comes complexity. And by complexity, we mean parts. With all of these parts, it means there is a greater chance something may go wrong. Additionally, convenience does have a cost, essentially meaning a higher price tag. 

Float-On Trailer

Are you thinking about a pontoon or are you like Quint from Jaws and need a bigger boat? Then we may suggest for you a float-on trailer?  A float-on trailer is perfect for those who need a saltwater boat or the pontoon mentioned above. When it comes to usage, it’s very similar to a bunker trailer because of the need to submerge it quite deep into the water.  And since the way to load and unload the vessel is by floating onto the trailer, hence the name — the trailer needs to go pretty darn deep. 

A great advantage to the float-on trailer is that it limits the amount of damage a boat will be subjected to when loading and unloading.  

The disadvantages are cost and, like the bunker trailer, how deep the trailer needs to go, that it will require more maintenance throughout its life.  

Keel Rollers

Last up are keel rollers. Keel rollers are not an actual trailer. Instead, they are added to existing trailers to reduce risk to the boat and provide more ease when loading and unloading.  

As mentioned above, the pros to the keel rollers are the safety they provide the boat.

However, they are not standalone trailers and require you to purchase or already possess a standard trailer.  

What to Look For in a Boat Trailer 

If your boat were to create a dating profile in search of the perfect trailer — sure, looks would be important, but there are some essentials this trailer must-have, such as: 

In this section, we will go through each of these and tell you what you need to know about these “attributes.”  


What is probably the most obvious factor to consider is that the size of your boat will determine the size of your trailer. The type of boat you’re buying will also influence your trailer size. Like a pontoon boat, some larger boats will require more space between the back of the vehicle and trailer. This will protect both in the case of tighter turns. 

A good rule of thumb is that a single-axle trailer can accommodate 22 feet long and approximately 3,300lbs. 

But again, all of this is contingent upon the type of boat you own and where you’ll be launching. 


How much your boat weighs will determine how many axles your trailer will require. You also need to consider whether your trailer will only be used as a transport for your boat or will it be a bed for the boat during hibernation (winter). 

If you’re thinking about keeping your boat on the trailer during the off-season, we recommend looking into something more durable such as aluminum or galvanized steel. 

Lastly, and most importantly — know both the weight of your boat and the trailer for the sake of your vehicle’s towing capacity. You don’t want to find out the hard way that your Honda Civic can’t tow a pontoon. 


When it comes to finding a trailer, it ultimately comes down to what type of boat you own, where it will be used, and how it will be used. Hopefully, we’ve provided you a bit of an education about boat trailers. We suggest you use this as a guide when you’re shopping for a new or used trailer. 

And as always, if you have any questions — contact the experts at Woodard Marine today. Let us help you find the perfect boat trailer for you and your boat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do boat trailers need plates?

A: Great question. The short answer depends on where you are. That’s why we provided this link that will show you all of the license plate requirements for all of the United States. Sorry, Canada. 

Q: What size trailer do I need for my boat?

A: As mentioned above, finding the right size trailer for your boat depends on the size of your boat, your intentions for the trailer, and where you’ll be launching your boat. We suggest contacting us, and we can set up an appointment to ask you a few questions. 

BREAKING NEWS: Winter is coming.

We know…Trust us, we know.

However, even though the boat is in storage, it doesn’t mean you can’t still sink a line in your lake of choice. (#welovebomo) (more…)

We’re sad to admit this, and we’re sorry to bring it up–Not everyone can leave their boat in the water until the last possible second.

We recently, wrote a blog about Three Reasons to Boat in the Fall–However, we understand everyone doesn’t have that luxury. (more…)

Friday: 4:37 in the PM. It’s been one hell of a week. The boss comes down on you for the sake of coming down on you. Clients are complaining because you’re the one person they can complain to without being sued. And your spouse is pissed because “we don’t do anything fun anymore”. (more…)

Everything seems to be a “hot take” these days, doesn’t it? Well, if you looked under hot take in Encyclopedia Britannica, you know what you would find? THIS SUMMER! (Teachable Moment: This is the opposite of literally, which is figurative, you’re welcome.) Anyway, you don’t have a pool because who can afford the upkeep? In some cases, it can and will affect the resale value of your home. You “like” to play golf, for fun … Know what’s not fun? Sweating to the point where your skin is covered in Gorilla Glue; everything sticks. (Again, not literally. Figuratively.) (more…)

Rainy days and strong winds might have us running for cover right now, but Summer is just around the corner!

Picture this:

Clear, Blue Skies + a Sunny, 80° Day = The Best Boat Trip Ever

That relaxing day on the water is so close we can practically smell the fresh, lake air. And is there anything better than that? So, there’s No Time to Lose! All service bookings made before April 30th will receive a special, Early Booking Discount! (more…)

Do us a favor, close your eyes. Okay, no, don’t do that, we need you to read this.  How about this, use something you haven’t used in a while, your imagination. Pretend you’re a kid, and if you have kids, pretend you’re them.  Pretend you’re on your brand-new boat. In front of you is the eternal blue highways splashing mist on your face. Oh, and your face is getting a Swedish massage from the wind blowing against it. Oh, and the wind, it’s stroking your hair with the whisper of a brush of air. (more…)

Share your Best Fishing Photos and Win!


#HookedOnBomo is a time of celebration that highlights the importance of recreational boating and fishing. In 2017, the event will take place from August 14 through September 4. This time is dedicated to all activities and discussions pertaining to fishing and boating. This week of celebration is a wonderful opportunity for many to exercise their fishing skills, enjoy the summer weather, interact with nature and most importantly have fun with family and friends. You could meet up with an old fishing buddy or bring your child out on the water to show them some cool tricks you’ve mastered over the years. If you are bringing your kids onboard for the first time, skim through our article on boat safety tips for children.



We at Woodard Marine are especially excited for this time of year as we celebrate these activities that we are so passionate about, with both seasoned fisherman and newcomers. In order to spread the joy of fishing and boating, we are hosting a Photo Contest where we want you to upload photos of you and your loved ones in categories ranging from Best Fish to Fan Favorite and Best Memory when fishing. Winners of this Photo Contest will receive prizes ranging from a Garmin GPS to Yeti products. We encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to upload some photos like these:

hookedonbomo-2.jpg   hookedonbomo-5.jpg

 hookedonbomo-1.jpg   hookedonbomo-4.jpg

As you get ready to go out on the water, be sure to read our article on boating emergencies and how to prevent them.

If you happen to be on Lake Bomoseen next week, come stop by Woodard Marine to check out the variety of services we offer from boat rentals, replacement parts, servicing to a showcase of some of the newest and coolest boats on the dock.

Happy Fishing!

dry cell phone case for blog.png

One aspect of modern boating that the boating life lover of yesteryear never had to consider is how to keep electronic devices safe and dry while out on the water. While cell phones have been around for a while, it is the emergence of smartphones as our constant companions that has resulted in the need to add dry cell phone accessories to your boating supplies.

Of course, not all dry cell phone accessories are created equal, so here are five that will keep your phone dry and in great condition, even in the event of a mishap.

1 – TPU Guide Waterproof Case

This waterproof case is sized to fit a variety of different sizes of smartphones, covering just about every type of phone on the market today. Some of the features of the TPU Guide waterproof Case include two die cut anchors points, UV resistance, welded seams for greater strength, very low profile, and it meets IPX8 standards of being waterproof for at least one hour at 10 meters.

2 – Airhead Products Dry Pak

If you love the lake life, securing your phone in the Airhead Products Dry Pak will keep your cell phone dry, plus it’s padded for extra protection. The slender clip locks and it has two rotating keys that provide a watertight seal. It also comes equipped with an aluminum spring hook and adjustable neck lanyard for even more comfort and security.

3 – Gecko Equipment -Waterproof Dry Bag

This roll top dry compression sack is used to keep all of your gear dry, including your cell phone. It is ideal for long days on Lake Bomoseen and will keep your phone dry no matter what type of conditions you encounter. The waterproof phone case fits any size of smartphones and the clear windows allow you to take photos and videos without any interference.

4 – Dry Pak® Multi-Purpose Case

This product works well for a variety of different electronics, including your cell phone. It is constructed with heavy gauge, clear vinyl and will help you enjoy every moment of your life on the lake. This case features yellow sealing clips that help it to stand out and D-rings that give you the ideal latching option.

5 – RAP-B-166-UN7

This high-quality cell phone holder works in conjunction with many brands of dry cases and deserves mention because it will allow you to operate hands-free and keep your phone secure, yet visible during your time on Lake Bomoseen. The RAP-B-166-UN7 has a range of exciting features, including a suction cup twist lock base, spring-loaded design, rubber coated tips, socket technology, composite and stainless steel construction, and it is rustproof. With your favorite dry case, your phone will be dry and secure all day long.

It’s no secret that great equipment and accessories will enhance the lake life, and your daily boating experiences. If you have any questions about boating accessories or want to inquire about a new boat, feel free to contact us at Woodard Marine today.

Looks for a deal on a new or used outboard motor? Check out our VT Discount Outboard Motors Page!

Discount Outboard Motors

7 IOS Boating Apps You'll Want to Download


At Woodard Marine, we like to play as hard as you do. We’re located in one of the greatest areas for boating in the world – sandwiched between the Great Lakes to the west and the North Atlantic to the east. We’ve seen some changes in boating since 1960, but we’ve kept up with the times, and we’ve all downloaded some amazing boating apps lately. We wanted to share the best ones for iOS with you.


This incredibly intuitive boating tool shows you wind speed, surf and wave height for your coastal zone in the United States. This boating app gets all its info from the National Weather Service, (NOAA) so you know it’s legit. Unfortunately, the Boating Weather App does not show forecasts for inland waterways or rivers, but at $1.99, it’s a real winner when you hit the coast.


The intuitive controls are nice and responsive on this boating app/game. It takes into account bait, location and technique. You’ll hook a fish easy enough, but the reeling in is harder. With seven fishing locations, 12 tournaments, 9 different types of bait and tackle, and dozens of species of fish, Flick Fishing is a fun (and addictive) time waster for when all the real fishing is done for the day.


At $18.99, it’s a little up there for a boating app; but it’s so extensive it’s worth the price. Truly, this encyclopedia covers every boating situation you can think of. It pays to know what you’re talking about on the water, whether it is the physics of how boats actually function, nautical terminology, the science of sailing, boat maintenance, navigation, or boat handling in inclement weather, this guide covers almost every aspect of powerboating and sailing in over 500 entries.


This app is huge with hundreds of pages of boating info, charts, graphs, illustrations, photographs and a whack of general knowledge on safe and fun boating. Boater’s Pocket Reference is great for new boaters and old hands alike, and at only $4.99 it’s a must have for any iOS device.


The International Game Fish Association is the perfect boating tool for fishing fun. You can pit yourself against IGFA angling World Records, plan trips, identify the fish you caught easily and measure it against the world’s greatest for $8.99.  We particularly like the IGFA Species ID section that covers record game species, ID descriptions, habitat information, geographic distribution, and fish anatomy.


Speed is a boating tool that uses the location data from your GPS to provide an accurate representation of how fast you’re traveling.

Clear and easy graphics with an inbuilt compass and odometer/trip meter – all for 3.99 – make this app a no-brainer. With support for miles, kilometers (trip to Canada?) and knots, Speed is a fantastic road, sea or air speedometer app for a very low cost.


If you are boating – or boasting afterward – a great way to impress is to know how to tie a great Rolling Hitch or classic Reef knot. The iKnot boating app makes learning boating (and climbing) knots easy with clear animations and easy to read explanations.

When the weekend comes, and you’ve been hard at it all week, whatever you are into on the water (or land) you always need your phone with you. Why not choose one – or all – of the above apps? The team here at Woodward Marine have their favorites, what’s yours?

Boat Service Tips

Here at Woodward Marine, we’re committed to helping boaters maximize their experiences on the water. One way we follow through on this commitment is to help boaters maintain and care for their vessels. In this latest post, we present 10 boating service tips from our maintenance experts.


After you arrive back on land after each trip on the water, it’s a good idea to inspect the engine of the boat. Look for rust, leaks or any damage and then have a service specialist address any problems directly as soon as possible.


You should also flush the engine after each trip as well. This will help remove any debris that has become lodged in the system during the journey.


Storage is an important element in boat maintenance. When possible, store your vessel in covered areas. This will ensure that the boat is protected against damaging UV rays and changes in weather conditions.


When your oil filter becomes clogged, it can have a significant impact on the engine. Remember to check your oil filter after each trip and replace it immediately if it’s dirty or clogged.


The nuts on your propeller should be tightened both before and after trips on the water. This will help ensure a safe and comfortable journey for you and your passengers.


You might be surprised to learn the number of people that use household cleaning products on their boat – only for the vessel to become damaged. Only marine-specific cleaning products should be used during your boat maintenance. This will help ensure the boat retains its optimal condition for years to come.


Winterization is highly important for those that live in cold climates. This means you should go through processes such as flushing the engine to remove possible contaminants and filling the engine up with fuel to limit the build-up of condensation during wintertime. Consult with our specialist team to learn further winterization tips.


Your boat trailer is going to be dunked into the water each time you go out. To keep it in optimal condition, maintain the system regularly. Start by opening the cap with a screwdriver and then greasing bearings that are dry. You might also complete a freshwater wash of the lights and hubs after use to keep them in optimal condition.


Before heading out, make sure your battery is charged in full! This will help keep the bilge pump working to peak condition over an extended period of time.


A faulty or flat trailer wheel can cause significant headaches when all you want to do is head out on the water. Invest in a spare wheel for your trailers to ensure your trips are problem-free during boating season.

To learn more tips on maintaining your vessel, schedule an appointment with our industry experts directly!


Boating with pets is rewarding for you and your family!

Most dogs love being in the water. And so boat owners can give their little-loved one the time of their lives by taking them out on their vessels to enjoy the #bomolife. But to maximize the time spent with pets on the water, and to ensure the optimal safety of both pet and owner, having the latest accessories is a great idea. In this latest post, we’ll look at several cool accessories for boating with your pet.




While the vast majority of dogs don’t mind getting their feet wet, getting them inside the boat can be tricky. That’s why many owners use a dog boat ladder. The ladder attaches to the back of the boat, making it simple for the dog to make its way onboard. It’s a product that helps limit the amount of strain the owner has to use to get their pet onboard while ensuring the animal is completely safe.




All passengers will be required to have access to a life jacket in the event of a safety issue on the water, and this includes animals. Pet life jackets provide dogs with additional buoyancy and high visibility to keep the animal safe in the water. Jackets come in all shapes and sizes to suit all breeds of dog. Floatable Fetch Toys




When in the water, boaters will want the opportunity to play with their pet. And floatable fetch toys are ideal in this regard, as they can be used in all areas to play exciting games with the dog. Floatable fetch toys are designed so that the dog can close their mouth as they swim to avoid choking on water. Dog Containment System




In order to protect your pet and keep her from falling into the water during periods of high waves, many boaters now use dog containment systems. These products work to keep the animal within a certain area without inflicting pain. They allow the animal to remain safe while boat owners keep the boat away from potential dangers on the water.




For the more adventurous boaters and their dogs, a water ski leash could be the ideal way to ensure dogs get the rush of the wind and the water spray. The leashes attach the dog safely to the towing boat to keep them secure during their ride.

Take time to enjoy the open water and #bomolife with your pets this summer! The accessories highlighted in this article can help ensure water safety and hours of fun. To discover more, call our team today.