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Three Reasons to Boat in the Fall

Posted on: September 11, 2018

Friday: 4:37 in the PM. It’s been one hell of a week. The boss comes down on you for the sake of coming down on you. Clients are complaining because you’re the one person they can complain to without being sued. And your spouse is pissed because “we don’t do anything fun anymore”.

But you’ve got a boat and this weekend, we ride!

Until you get there, it’s packed, it takes forever to get out on the water, and when you do, your ass feels like it’s sitting on the San Andreas fault.

Don’t get us wrong, a busy day on the lake beats a busy day in the life.

Some of you though, some of you just want to kick back, cruise, float, chill, enjoy the beauty surrounding you, and soak in some sun.

This is one of a few reasons why Fall boating is perfect for you.


Lori Hesch captured this beautiful image of the foliage on Lake Bomoseen.

Here are the three top reasons why boating in the fall is absolutely amazing and will leave you with the perfect taste in your mouth to have you salivating for the following year. Let’s start with the obvious:

  1. Less Traffic: Sure flying around the water with the family and towing a tuber or wakeboard is fun. But gas gets expensive and Johnny is tired of slamming his face into the water. Even though we could watch it all day long! Boating is meant to be relaxing. Floating, soaking, and enjoying all those who are glad you bought a boat. Then comes a wave…then another…and another. By this point the ladies have spilled their drinks, your kids are seasick, and your blood pressure is getting to the point where you’re simply not happy. However, post-Labor Day, that’s all over. And if this September is anything like last September, you are assured a few more weeks and weekends of epic boating.
  2. Fishing: Sinking in a lure during the Fall is what fishing was invented for. (Well, except for the whole catching of fish aspect.) It’s calm, serene, you’re with family, you’re with friends, and with calmer waters, the fish are assured to be biting. Here is a little guide to hopefully help you catch all the awesome fish our favorite lake, Lake Bomoseen has to offer. You’re welcome.
  3. Scenery: This is self-explanatory. We’ve already mentioned our favorite lake, “Bomo” as we like to call it. But here are our a few of our other favorite lakes to boat in Vermont. Boating surrounded by the Green Mountains during foliage is like boating inside of a postcard. If you’ve never experienced it before, give yourself that gift. And if you have, you know exactly what we’re talking about.
  4. Extended Summer: Yeah, we know we were only going to do three, but this is our blog, so, you know, deal. Anyway. Boating in the Fall also means boating for that much longer. Which in turn means keeping your boat out of storage that much longer. Which in turn means you’re saving money on storage fees. Which in turn means you can also think of buying a new boat or recommending to a family member, friend, or colleague how they should buy a new boat. Have we mentioned how this time of year is the perfect time to buy a boat?

Here are our top 3 (okay 4) reasons why you should go boat this September.

Truthfully though, do you really need a reason?

See you on the lake!

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