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Friday: 4:37 in the PM. It’s been one hell of a week. The boss comes down on you for the sake of coming down on you. Clients are complaining because you’re the one person they can complain to without being sued. And your spouse is pissed because “we don’t do anything fun anymore”.Yh5baeaaaaalaaaaaabaaeaaaibraa7

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Do us a favor, close your eyes. Okay, no, don’t do that, we need you to read this.  How about this, use something you haven’t used in a while, your imagination. Pretend you’re a kid, and if you have kids, pretend you’re them.  Pretend you’re on your brand-new boat. In front of you is the eternal blue highways splashing mist on your face. Oh, and your face is getting a Swedish massage from the wind blowing against it. Oh, and the wind, it’s stroking your hair with the whisper of a brush of air.

Dry cell phone case for blog
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One aspect of modern boating that the boating life lover of yesteryear never had to consider is how to keep electronic devices safe and dry while out on the water. While cell phones have been around for a while, it is the emergence of smartphones as our constant companions that has resulted in the need to add dry cell phone accessories to your boating supplies.


Of course, not all dry cell phone accessories are created equal, so here are five that will keep your phone dry and in great condition, even in the event of a mishap.

1 – TPU Guide Waterproof Case

This waterproof case is sized to fit a variety of different sizes of smartphones, covering just about [...]

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Boat service tips

Here at Woodward Marine, we’re committed to helping boaters maximize their experiences on the water. One way we follow through on this commitment is to help boaters maintain and care for their vessels. In this latest post, we present 10 boating service tips from our maintenance experts.


After you arrive back on land after each trip on the water, it’s a good idea to inspect the engine of the boat. Look for rust, leaks or any damage and then have a service specialist address any problems directly as soon as possible.


You should also flush the engine after each trip as well. This will help remove any debris [...]

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The Boating Lifestyle is Why We Do What We Do. It’s Everything to us.


Living the boating lifestyle isn’t about nautical outfits. It’s not about deck shoes either or owning fancy things. In fact, it’s not even about owning a boat, and it certainly isn’t about having the latest toys. The boating lifestyle is about time well spent. It’s about quality time with good people. It’s about being on the open waters with the people you love. And it’s all about freedom, sharing good times, making memories, and feeling the warm breeze in your hair and the cool mist on your face. If that sounds like the kind of life you want, then #bomolife and the boating lifestyle is for you.



The Bayliner Element XR7 Redefines Adventure

The New 2016 Bayliner Element XR7 Will Knock Your Socks Off
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Are You Ready for the New Bayliner Element XR7?


Bayliner has been making remarkable boats for about 60 years, and the Element XR7 is no exception. The latest Element model has a sleek, modern design that offers all the benefits of a fiberglass boat with the room, luxury, and stability of a pontoon boat. The Bayliner Element XR7 completely captures everything that’s great about the boating lifestyle—the vessel is comfortable and roomy, it’s designed to host plenty of people, it’s equipped for safety and relaxation, and it was built with a smart design that maximizes the fun you can have out on the water.




Perhaps one of the best things about the Element XR7 is its capacity: [...]

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The Boating Lifestyle is Always #Trending.

Upgrade your boat

If you’re like most people enjoying the boating lifestyle, you like to keep up with the latest trends, even if you don’t end up implementing them. Being “in the know” is one way to fully immerse yourself in the culture of boating, which is what having fun on the water is all about. Naturally, the boating world sees countless innovations every year, and different activities and products are always falling in and out of favor. Since you like to keep up to date, here are five recent trends that you may want to consider.



Whether your boat is used or brand spanking new, having an interior that speaks to your [...]

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Everyone can wakeboard.


Wakeboarding is one of the fastest­growing water sports in the past 20 years. This sport is getting more popular by the day because of different factors that can make it more advanced or simple depending on age and experience of the wakeboarder. Regardless of your experience or skill level, there are a few basics that should always be followed to have fun and get the most out of your wakeboarding experience.

Here are five practical tips for getting up and staying up on a wakeboard:



This doesn’t always coincide with being left or right handed. Being goofy footed means you rely mostly on your left foot for balance while regular relies mostly [...]

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5 Ways to Get Your Boat Ready for the Water!

The warm weather is now slowly arriving across the country as the winter becomes a memory. With the sunshine following the changing of the seasons, many boat owners are now considering the best techniques for removing their boat from storage and taking it out on the water. In this post, our boat service experts provide tips for taking a boat out of winter storage.



The first step in removing your boat from the storage space is to complete some general inspection to ensure it remains in optimal condition. Analyze the screws, bolts, and other fittings to ensure they’re properly secured [...]

What’s In a Boat Name?

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You’ve carefully chosen a boat that represents you or your family, made a large investment into a new lifestyle, and now it’s time to showcase you and your love for the water.  There’s several ways to go. You can choose funny, clever, business or surname and sometimes ; there’s really no rules, do whatever that floats your boat (no pun intended…well, maybe).

Now there’s one extremely important rule, once a boat is named DO NOT RENAME!  Folklore throughout the ages declares that renaming any boat will anger the Gods of the Sea.  According to legend, once a boat is named it is logged by Poseidon, Neptune or in Vermont, perhaps Champ.  Any attempt to rename the boat will anger them [...]

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