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Top 5 Dry Cell Phone Accessories for Boating

Posted on: May 3, 2017

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One aspect of modern boating that the boating life lover of yesteryear never had to consider is how to keep electronic devices safe and dry while out on the water. While cell phones have been around for a while, it is the emergence of smartphones as our constant companions that has resulted in the need to add dry cell phone accessories to your boating supplies.

Of course, not all dry cell phone accessories are created equal, so here are five that will keep your phone dry and in great condition, even in the event of a mishap.

1 – TPU Guide Waterproof Case

This waterproof case is sized to fit a variety of different sizes of smartphones, covering just about every type of phone on the market today. Some of the features of the TPU Guide waterproof Case include two die cut anchors points, UV resistance, welded seams for greater strength, very low profile, and it meets IPX8 standards of being waterproof for at least one hour at 10 meters.

2 – Airhead Products Dry Pak

If you love the lake life, securing your phone in the Airhead Products Dry Pak will keep your cell phone dry, plus it’s padded for extra protection. The slender clip locks and it has two rotating keys that provide a watertight seal. It also comes equipped with an aluminum spring hook and adjustable neck lanyard for even more comfort and security.

3 – Gecko Equipment -Waterproof Dry Bag

This roll top dry compression sack is used to keep all of your gear dry, including your cell phone. It is ideal for long days on Lake Bomoseen and will keep your phone dry no matter what type of conditions you encounter. The waterproof phone case fits any size of smartphones and the clear windows allow you to take photos and videos without any interference.

4 – Dry Pak® Multi-Purpose Case

This product works well for a variety of different electronics, including your cell phone. It is constructed with heavy gauge, clear vinyl and will help you enjoy every moment of your life on the lake. This case features yellow sealing clips that help it to stand out and D-rings that give you the ideal latching option.

5 – RAP-B-166-UN7

This high-quality cell phone holder works in conjunction with many brands of dry cases and deserves mention because it will allow you to operate hands-free and keep your phone secure, yet visible during your time on Lake Bomoseen. The RAP-B-166-UN7 has a range of exciting features, including a suction cup twist lock base, spring-loaded design, rubber coated tips, socket technology, composite and stainless steel construction, and it is rustproof. With your favorite dry case, your phone will be dry and secure all day long.

It’s no secret that great equipment and accessories will enhance the lake life, and your daily boating experiences. If you have any questions about boating accessories or want to inquire about a new boat, feel free to contact us at Woodard Marine today.

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