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Four Trends To Upgrade Your Boating Lifestyle

Posted on: May 6, 2016

The Boating Lifestyle is Always #Trending.

Upgrade Your Boat

If you’re like most people enjoying the boating lifestyle, you like to keep up with the latest trends, even if you don’t end up implementing them. Being “in the know” is one way to fully immerse yourself in the culture of boating, which is what having fun on the water is all about. Naturally, the boating world sees countless innovations every year, and different activities and products are always falling in and out of favor. Since you like to keep up to date, here are five recent trends that you may want to consider.



Whether your boat is used or brand spanking new, having an interior that speaks to your unique personality will really allow you to unwind and be yourself out on the water. Most boating enthusiasts consider their boat a home away from home, and everyone is customizing their homes these days, so why not your boat, too? The number of retired baby boomers getting out on the water and stretching out the distance with longer cruises is on the increase, which is one big reason customizing interiors have become so popular. Some of the most common interior boat renos take place in the galley, but window upgrades, new lighting, hardwood floors and new upholstery are also standard.

Custom Boat Interiors



It’s no surprise that the makers of smartphones would include marine apps in their vast array of offerings. Navigational gadgets are always popular, but you can also find apps and gadgets that cover a broad range of other topics. These include tracking your mileage and fuel usage, chart plotting, weather prediction, budgeting for boating and even sharing the best fishing locations with friends. Make sure you don’t take too long to get onboard, though because new apps are being added all the time.

Boat Gadgets for 2016



To some boaters, pontoons are ugly and stand out on the water like an unsightly blemish, but that hasn’t stopped them from making a comeback. Many younger boaters are falling in love with the pontoon for its versatility and great value. If you are new to the boating lifestyle, a pontoon may be the ideal introductory vessel. Larger pontoons can accommodate double­digit numbers of friends and family, making them perfect for summer entertaining.

Pontoon for Sale



Stand Up Paddleboards, also known as SUPs, have been gaining in popularity for a handful of years, but they just keep winning new fans every single summer. SUP boards provide a great workout for your core muscles, improve balance, strength, and they are relatively easy to learn. They also have a modest price tag when compared to similar water products. SUP boarding isn’t as intimidating either, meaning more people are willing to give it a try. There’s no question that trends in the boating lifestyle will continue to change and evolve, and luckily there will always be something for everyone who loves spending time on the water.

Stand Up Paddleboards for Sale

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