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What’s In a Boat Name?

Posted on: January 8, 2016



You’ve carefully chosen a boat that represents you or your family, made a large investment into a new lifestyle, and now it’s time to showcase you and your love for the water.  There’s several ways to go. You can choose funny, clever, business or surname and sometimes ; there’s really no rules, do whatever that floats your boat (no pun intended…well, maybe).

Now there’s one extremely important rule, once a boat is named DO NOT RENAME!  Folklore throughout the ages declares that renaming any boat will anger the Gods of the Sea.  According to legend, once a boat is named it is logged by Poseidon, Neptune or in Vermont, perhaps Champ.  Any attempt to rename the boat will anger them and cause you much nautical misfortune.  If you don’t believe us, simply Google what happens when you rename a boat.  You are sure to find hundreds of stories of people’s unfortunate misfortune.


Another myth that isn’t as commonly known is waiting to name your boat. We had one customer who was very particular about naming things and he had a discussion with his family and friends for the better part of three years on what to name the boat.  The result:  year three, an unmitigated fog rolled in on July 4th causing the boat to crash and inflict several thousand dollars in damage.  Don’t worry, no one got hurt. Once the boat was fixed, he immediately named it “T2” in reference to the Titanic, generation 2.  He ended up selling his boat and purchasing a new one, but before he even hit the water that boat was named and everyone knew it.

Now you know what not to do, but let’s get to the fun part.  Over the years we’ve seen some hilarious names drive through the Lake Bomoseen channel, but these by far take the cake.


  1. The Cod-Father
  2. Fin & Tonic
  3. Off the Hook
  4. Virtual Reel-ality
  5. Aquadesiac
  6. A Fishy-nado
  7. Family Dev-ocean
  8. Reel Magic
  9. Cod Squad
  10. Unortho-docks
  11. In Decent Seas
  12. Pier Pressure
  13. What’s Up Dock?
  14. Amy’s Wine House
  15. On The Rocks
  16. Buoys of Summer
  17. Sea-Nile
  18. Yeah Buoy
  19. Artifishial
  20. Beach Buoys

Share some of your favorites with us!

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