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5 Must Have Boating Gadgets for 2016

Posted on: July 19, 2016


Enthusiasts across the U.S. are seeking out the latest boating gadgets to enhance their

experiences on the water. And manufacturers are now responding to the demand with

technology that supports and complements the boater’s lifestyle. Our specialists have been

analyzing the 2016 marketplace carefully in recent weeks, and in this latest post, we highlight

five of the must­have boating gadgets for 2016.


1. Fish Finder

For the fisherman looking to improve the efficiency of his fishing on the lake this year, why not

choose from the leading fish finder tools available in the current marketplace? Fish finders work

by reflecting pulses of sound energy, showing the pond bed and the underwater debris around

the boat. Some of the latest tools can even provide details on water temperature. One of the

leading options is the Garmin EchoMAP 73SV CHIRP Fishfinder, which features SideVu

technology to present a crystal clear picture of all water areas through the use of sonar.


2. Weather Meters

The latest weather meter technology is designed to collect real­time information on the weather

conditions near the boat’s location. They can be plugged into a cell phone to provide boaters

with a considerable range of information, from wind speed to storm potential in the area. A

leading example of the top wind meters available on the current market is the WeatherFlow

Weather Meter, which plugs into the user’s cell phone audio jack and provides full data on the

heat index, wind chill, crosswinds, wind direction and other weather conditions.


3. Power Chargers

For the ultimate in safety when boating on the lake, boaters must keep a high­performance

power charger on deck at all times. Power chargers can be used to efficiently restart the boat

when it loses power on the water. A highly rated option within 2016 marketplace is the Nature

Power Lithium­Ion Charger and Jumpstarter, which has been engineered with a full digital

display for intuitive performance. The product works to restart cell phones via two USB ports, as

well as boat engines. It includes over­voltage protection to help boat owners avoid damaging

their engine.


4. Solar Powered Lanterns

To maintain optimal safety while boating on the lake this year, boat owners must maintain

superior visibility. The leading solar powered lanterns are ideal for this level of water safety. In

2016, one of the primary market options is the Luci Light, which is only the size of a DVD when

in storage, but when inflated offers an exceptionally bright light that can be used in an

emergency or as a backup anchor light for those evenings on the lake.


5. Waterproof Tablets

For the business person constantly connected to his work teams, waterproof mobile products

are an essential addition to the boating experience. The latest waterproof tablets can now be

submerged in water while retaining their seamless connection. A highly­rated option is the Sony

Xperia Z4, which features a crystal clear display and a waterproof body to support both the

entertainment and business needs of the avid boater.


Upgrade your boating experiences this coming year with the latest gadgets and accessories

highlighted in this post. To learn more about the newest market products, speak with our trusted

team today.

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