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Best Boating Apps for Android and Apple

Posted on: July 19, 2016


Boating and technology may seem to be strange bedfellows since so many people are drawn to the boating lifestyle as a way to get away from the distractions of the outside world and the stresses of everyday life. Nonetheless, technological advances are happening every day that makes it easier and easier to live the boating lifestyle, even for people who don’t own their own boats! Among these handy innovations are the #boatingapps for Apple and Android devices, and while many are designed to keep you and your family safer in one way or another, they are all designed to make your boating life more convenient.

The Different Types of Apps

There are many different kinds of mobile apps available these days, and they can be divided into several subcategories. The majority of boating apps out there are dedicated to important things like weather, navigation, and trip planning. However, there are also boating reference apps, safety, apps devoted to fishing, and apps that can connect you with help if you become lost or need assistance when you’re out of cell phone range. Some apps are free, others you pay for, and others require a subscription, but if you’re an avid boater, many of these are well worth the cost.

The Best Boating Apps

Type Name Availability Cost



Marine Weather Apple and Android Free

FishWeather Apple and Android Free

NOAA Buoy and Tide Apple and Android Free

NOAA Weather Apple and Android Free

Boat Ramps Apple and Android Free

GetMyBoat Apple and Android Free

Jeppesen Plan2Nav Apple and Android Free

Safety and


Navionics Apple and Android By region

Practical Encyclopedia of Boating Apple and Android $18.99

Nautical Flags and FlagBag Apple and Android Free

USCG Boat Essentials Apple and Android Free

BoatUS Apple and Android Free

Grog’s Animated Knots Apple and Android $4.99

Fishing My Fishing Advisor Apple and Android $4.99

Weather Apps

These apps provide information from sources like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, exclusive weather stations, and thousands of other weather stations from around the world. On top of weather forecast information, they also provide data about tides, buoys, sea temperatures, wind speeds and directions, and wave speeds, heights, and directions.

Planning Apps

There are a number of trip­planning apps out there that all focus on different things, including helping you locate boat ramps and equipment rentals, providing charts, and helping with navigation.

Safety and Reference Apps

These include a great deal of information for boaters, including general boating knowledge, Coast Guard safety checklists, a database of nautical signal flags and their meanings, water  tower listings, and even illustrated diagrams for tying different knots.

Fishing Apps

Many of the fishing apps are concerned with when and where to catch the best fish, so they focus on weather patterns, temperatures, astronomical conditions, and even the different types of lures to use to catch the fish you’re looking for. Advancing technology out in the world means that there’s an ever­increasing amount of sophisticated boating tech and gadgets available to boaters, mariners, and anglers.


With mobile apps, you can take vital knowledge with you everywhere you go, because the safety apps can prevent trouble and save your skin if you get stuck, the planning and weather apps provide charts, navigational information, and forecasts, and the fishing apps can even direct you to the best waters. As long as you download the apps you need before you go, #boatingapps can make the boating lifestyle more organized and safer than ever before.

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