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Boat Show Season Begins in New York

Posted on: January 5, 2016


It’s no secret that boat show season starts with the Progressive® New York Boat Show®. The Javits Center, in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan will introduce some of the greatest new products in the boating industry to all of the boating fans who attend. The 110 year old show starts tomorrow, January 6th, 2016 and will end Sunday the 10th.  Even though NYC is a relatively short drive for Vermonters, most of you won’t make it down to see all the new fancy gear.  Not to worry, 2016 is a special year for Woodard Marine and we have some big plans.

One initiative is to launch our new Blog to keep you up to date with boating tips & tricks, special events and great promotions.  Our continued goal is to be a source for the boating lifestyle and bringing you new, fresh content is another step in that direction. We encourage all of you to post and let us know where your boating interests lie.

Since we are talking about boat shows, we might as well give you an introduction to our annual Open House and Boat Show. If you haven’t attended one of our shows, we highly encourage that you do.  Each year we choose a wicked fun theme while offering the same great show and manufacturer discounts. In the past we have had fantastic shows. Last year, we celebrated our 55th anniversary (the Emerald Anniversary) with a Wizard of OZ theme equipped with our very own yellow brick road!  One major attraction was a 50 inch touch screen that allowed attendees to snap a photo with our custom Woodard Marine backgrounds and email it to themselves for free. It was an absolute hit.  We have also offered a Get Lucky themed boat show in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.  Contestants were able to play a myriad of themed contests including rolling dice to win $10,000 off a boat purchase. The entire day brings in fans and friends from all over Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and beyond.

2016 is looking like we are going to celebrate (spoiler alert) our very own Woodard Marine Sweet 16. The new boats have some amazing new technology and we plan to show them off in style. The annual show will be held during the March (16th-20th), so make a note.  If you have been before, welcome back! If not, come check us out for a fun filled day for the whole family.  Join The Club is our motto and our customers become our family. Again, please feel free to comment and share and let us know what you want to hear.

Happy New Year Boaters! Live #bomolife

Team Woodard Marine

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