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Boating Kids Are Great Kids

Posted on: July 11, 2016


Boating Kids Just Plain Rock.

Boating isn’t just a fantastic way to get away from the world and relax because it’s also a family-friendly activity that can teach kids a great deal about the world. In fact, there are many aspects of the boating lifestyle that can enrich a child’s education.

For instance, #kidswhoboat don’t just learn about boating, but also about navigation, safety, mechanics, and knots. Moreover, boating teaches a love of the outdoors, appreciation for nature, and everyday survival skills that are quickly being lost in a world where children spend most of their time inside glued to electronic devices.


Bringing kids into the boating lifestyle is an important rite for boating families because boating has personal, educational, and behavioral benefits for children and adults alike. When you learn to boat, you also learn about steering, mechanics, and maneuvering a large vehicle. Not only will this give children a sense of responsibility, but it will also come in handy when it’s time for them to start driving cars. Boating also involves navigation, reading maps and charts, using compasses and GPS guidance, and understanding communications, and all of these can be life­saving skills. Similarly, knowing how to tie different knots, handle rope, and make and repair rope are other boating skills that also have applications in other areas of life, and they have the unique ability to teach patience, which can be one of the hardest lessons to impart.


There are a few things to consider when you’re thinking about introducing your kids to the boating lifestyle, including their age and their ability to understand and appreciate safety concerns. Boating can be dangerous, so kids who are becoming involved must have the proper training and supervision to proceed safely. For younger children, they can learn simpler things like boating terminology, how to put on safety vests, how to swim, and where everything goes. As the children get older, they can be given more responsibilities and learn more adult safety lessons, including emergency protocols, steering dingies or the #kidsboat, and the workings of the vessel. Want to learn more about boat safety while riding with children? Check out our blog with safety tips to help you have a great time on the water.


If you’re worried that your kids might be afraid of the water, get sea sick, or get bored, there are a few ways you can ease them into the boating lifestyle to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. This is important for many reasons, including that if you live the boating lifestyle and want to nurture this same passion in your children, you should introduce them to boating in the right way. For one thing, keep the first few excursions short, and make sure the shore is always in sight. This will alleviate fear and anxiety, and make it easier to get home in case of illness or panic. Also, you can try incorporating boating with a combined introduction to other fun activities, such as:

● Sailing

● Fishing

● Kayaking and canoeing

● Boardsports and water skiing

● Tubing

The boating lifestyle is a family­oriented way of living, appreciating nature, seeing the world from a new perspective, and spending time together on the water. It’s never too early to get your kids involved, and even babies can participate by getting comfortable in the water and getting used to wearing personal floatation devices. As a hobby or lifestyle, boating can teach kids about the world, mechanics, navigation, knot-tying, and other skills, but it can also help them learn to be responsible, to be patient, to appreciate a new passion, and to value time with the family.

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