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The Coolest Accessories for Boating With Pets

Posted on: July 19, 2016


Boating with pets is rewarding for you and your family!

Most dogs love being in the water. And so boat owners can give their little-loved one the time of their lives by taking them out on their vessels to enjoy the #bomolife. But to maximize the time spent with pets on the water, and to ensure the optimal safety of both pet and owner, having the latest accessories is a great idea. In this latest post, we’ll look at several cool accessories for boating with your pet.




While the vast majority of dogs don’t mind getting their feet wet, getting them inside the boat can be tricky. That’s why many owners use a dog boat ladder. The ladder attaches to the back of the boat, making it simple for the dog to make its way onboard. It’s a product that helps limit the amount of strain the owner has to use to get their pet onboard while ensuring the animal is completely safe.




All passengers will be required to have access to a life jacket in the event of a safety issue on the water, and this includes animals. Pet life jackets provide dogs with additional buoyancy and high visibility to keep the animal safe in the water. Jackets come in all shapes and sizes to suit all breeds of dog. Floatable Fetch Toys




When in the water, boaters will want the opportunity to play with their pet. And floatable fetch toys are ideal in this regard, as they can be used in all areas to play exciting games with the dog. Floatable fetch toys are designed so that the dog can close their mouth as they swim to avoid choking on water. Dog Containment System




In order to protect your pet and keep her from falling into the water during periods of high waves, many boaters now use dog containment systems. These products work to keep the animal within a certain area without inflicting pain. They allow the animal to remain safe while boat owners keep the boat away from potential dangers on the water.




For the more adventurous boaters and their dogs, a water ski leash could be the ideal way to ensure dogs get the rush of the wind and the water spray. The leashes attach the dog safely to the towing boat to keep them secure during their ride.

Take time to enjoy the open water and #bomolife with your pets this summer! The accessories highlighted in this article can help ensure water safety and hours of fun. To discover more, call our team today.

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