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What’s The Best Boat for a First-Time Buyer?

Posted on: April 1, 2021

Michael Jordan is hands-down the best basketball player of all-time…

Except to those who say LeBron James.  

The Jordan fan will proclaim: 

  • Jordan was 6-0 in the NBA Finals
  • The league was littered with Hall of Famers
  • And Jordan didn’t take nights off hoping to reduce his “load management”

Meanwhile, the LeBron advocate will bark:

  • The athleticism in today’s game is unparalleled at any time throughout history 
  • LeBron is possibly the most physically gifted human being to ever walk the earth 
  • And has anyone ever lived up to the hype as much as this guy? The answer is no

Who’s right? Both. And they’re both wrong too. Why? Because finding the best for someone depends on one thing — the person whom it’s for.  And never is this better exemplified than a boat and its owner. 

So, what we’re going to do today is go through four styles of boats:

  1. Fishing
  2. Pontoon
  3. Bowrider 
  4. Wakeboard

We will go through each and discuss who they may be best for. Then, at the end, we will tell you which of these is the best of the best for a first-time buyer.  

With that — let’s go fishing!


You’re addicted. There’s something about it that you just can’t describe.  Kinda like being in love, right?  When you’re on the water, you cast your line, and while you sit back and wait for something to bite, you find yourself in a tranquil state of bliss. It’s hard to not be addicted to that. One problem — you kinda need a boat to get there. 

Now, do you necessarily need a fishing boat to go fishing from a boat? No.  However, if the primary reason why you own a boat is to go fishing — then you need a fishing boat.  There are a variety of fishing boats to choose from. If you feel inclined to learn more about the types of fishing boats, and why wouldn’t you —  click this article by Discovery Boating.  Then, when you’re done, hit us up.  We’d love to help you determine which boat will be ideal for your fishing fun. 


Have you ever talked to a pontoon boat owner?  It’s weird. They all say the same thing when asked what they thought of their pontoon boat…

“The best decision I’ve ever made.” 

Why is that? It’s because they get to not only cruise the lake in comfort, they not only cut through waves like a hot knife through butter, but they get to do it with as many family and friends as they can fit.  

Now, there are a variety of factors, like any decision in life, that you must take into consideration before deciding on what type of pontoon boat you should invest in.  We like this piece (and the name of the site) by Pontoon Opedia.  We suggest you read through it, and when you think you’re ready — give us a shout. Our sales team will take whatever time they need to assure you that you are investing in not only the best boat for your family — but the best boat for your family’s family too.  


Have you ever experienced riding in a tube being pulled by a boat? It’s fantastic! It’s as if the wind has strings attached to it. Seriously, as the wind sprays your face with just the right amount of mist — the corners of your mouth are pulled back into a massive smile like you’re one of Jeff Dunham’s puppets.

Owning a bowrider provides this wonderful gift to not only the owner but all those lucky enough to ride with them. But full-disclosure, owning a bowrider will get a little annoying. Because your phone will not stop ringing from friends and family who just so happen to be wondering whether or not you’re taking your boat out today.  

If you’re wondering if a bowrider is the right boat for you, check this article by Discovery Boating.  Then, when you’re done, and if you’ve come to the conclusion that a bowrider is the best boat for you – give us a shout and we will be honored to help you find one! 

And last but certainly not least —


Yeah, a wakeboard boat is the epitome of sexy: 

  • No boat looks as fast 
  • No boat looks as loud 
  • No boat looks as fun 
  • And if you REALLY love watersports — look no further

Trust us, we get that. And because we get that, we are simply going to say this — if you’re a first-time boat buyer, it’s more than likely a wakeboard boat may be too much boat for you.  But it’s totally dependent upon your experience.  That’s why we suggest you contact us today.  Woodard Marine IS your wakeboard boat specialist. This means we know what questions you may have. You see, at Woodard Marine we have one mission and one mission only – to find the best boat for you! 


So, which one is it? Is the fishing boat the perfect one for a first-time buyer? Maybe the pontoon? Perhaps your lifestyle is perfect for a bowrider.  Or maybe, just maybe, you’ve been on a boat enough to handle your own wakeboard boat.  

The answer is — it depends on you.  And there is only one way for you to find out what boat is best for you — that’s by contacting your friends at Woodard Marine. 

We’d hate nothing more than you buying the wrong boat for you, and having that sour your boat-owning experience.  So, contact us today, and let’s get you the boat you’ve been dreaming of! 

Oh, and by the way — Michael Jordan is supremely greater than LeBron James!

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